The most delicious Greek cheeses

Gastronomic tourism with the promotion of local products, as well as traditional and Mediterranean cuisine is very popular. Special cheeses are made in every corner of Greece. Some of them are marked with the certificate (P.D.O.), confirming the uniqueness and high quality. Greece has its own tradition of cheese making. The list of different kinds of cheeses is not limited: You should taste «Chlorine» while taking tours in Santorini island.


Rafting in Greece

To go rafting during a holiday in Greece, first of all, we need to learn how to swim. Moreover, you need and swordplay: a waterproof suit and lifejacket. If you want to experience perilous journey on the boat, you should go to the rivers of the first or second degree of complexity.Greece is a paradise for those who want to go rafting. The most popular places where you can go rafting are Central Greece, Epirus and the Peloponnese.


Pilgrimages to Greece

Pilgrimage to the holy places in Palestine, where Jesus Christ lived, preached, was crucified and then resurrected is the most important religious journey for Christians all over the world. The second most important place of Christian pilgrimage is Greece. Byzantine Empire, the first great Christian empire on earth, was known as «the Greek kingdom». Most of its population were ethnic Greeks, so the main language was Greek.


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