Pilgrimages to Greece

Pilgrimage to the holy places in Palestine, where Jesus Christ lived, preached, was crucified and then resurrected is the most important religious journey for Christians all over the world. The second most important place of Christian pilgrimage is Greece. Byzantine Empire, the first great Christian empire on earth, was known as «the Greek kingdom».

Most of its population were ethnic Greeks, so the main language was Greek. The capital of the Byzantine Empire was Constantinople. It has became sacramental place for Christians. Constantinople is particularly honored symbol of Christianity.

The land of the Greeks is special. The holy apostles came to Greece first. They have seen and were telling people about Jesus Christ in the flesh. It is up to them Greeks has ardent faith in Christ: they were a martyr for their own sake.

Greeks were the most early martyrs: martyr Demetrius of Thessalonica, St. George, Barbara, Catherine, Anastasia and many others.

Many monks, ascetics and prayers saw the land of Greece. There lived a lot of famous monks in Holy Mount Athos — the closed male Orthodox monastic republic, which is a favorite place of pilgrimage for Christians from ancient times.

Monasteries and temples, miracle-working icons, relics and resources — Greece abounds dear to Christians shrines, taking pilgrims from all the world through the centuries.

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